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Price: $1,000
*This is a flat rate which includes 100 units of Dysport for comprehensive coverage.*

Tox Sprinkle provides a harmonious approach to Botox|Dysport treatment, addressing multiple muscle groups that play a pivotal role in manifesting signs of aging. The treatment focuses not just on the upper and lower face but extends to the neck area as well, promising more balanced and cohesive results.

A thorough full-face assessment is carried out to create a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to meet each individual’s unique anatomical needs. Maintenance visits are recommended every 4 months to sustain optimal full coverage results.

Common Areas Treated:
- Glabella: Targets frown lines.
- Forehead
- Crows Feet
- Bunnies
- Lip Flip: Optional, as needed.
- Chin Dimpling
- DAO: Corrects downturned smiles.
- Nefertiti Lift: Provides jawline definition.
- Platysmal Bands: Addresses neck muscles.

Our experts are committed to delivering a subtle, natural look that is fully aligned with your aesthetic goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation and discover the transformative effects of Tox Sprinkle Treatment.


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