Membership Program Terms and Conditions

What is the Membership Program?
We will be allowing patients to enroll in the Honey Aesthetics Clinic Membership Program soon! The Membership Program can be viewed the same as a savings account. All yearly / monthly payments are banked in your patient wallet in Aesthetic Record for payment of services or products at Honey Aesthetics Clinic. 

Member Benefits
While enrolled in the Honey Aesthetics Membership program, the Member will receive the following benefits: 
  • 10% off Honey Aesthetics Skincare and Merchandise in Store
  • Membership pricing on Tox and Lip Filler services
  • $100 off Sculptra during Members’ birthday month
  • Yearly Plan members will also receive a complimentary skincare bundle at the start of their membership and on their renewal anniversary each year

Membership Dues
We are waiving the membership fee for all current Honey Aesthetics Clinic patients that enroll in 2022. For patients enrolling in 2023 and beyond, members will pay a one-time enrollment fee of $120 to become a member.

Yearly Plan
Members will be charged $1200 / year from their credit card on file in Aesthetic Record.

Monthly Plan (3-month minimum commitment)
Members will be charged $100 / month from their credit card on file in Aesthetic Record.

Aside from the one-time enrollment fee, all yearly / monthly payments are banked in the patient’s wallet in Aesthetic Record for payment of services or products at Honey Aesthetics Clinic. The dollar amount in the patient’s wallet does not expire and will stay in the wallet until used; however, is non-refundable and must be used at Honey Aesthetics Clinic.

Member must provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account information. Member agrees to update their account information, including email address and credit card numbers in Aesthetic Record, so that transactions are completed on a timely basis. If member fails to update credit card on file prior to the monthly charge and card is declined, Membership will be cancelled.

Member agrees to a three-month minimum commitment; memberships canceled before the three months will be billed for the entire term. If card is declined prior to the minimum commitment, Member will forfeit the amount in their wallet to Honey Aesthetics Clinic and not be able to use that amount towards services or products in the future.

Membership cancellation can be done at any time after the first three months, but notice must be given before the next billing cycle (renewal date). If cancelled, patient will not be allowed to re-enroll for one year after cancellation.

Member will only receive Membership Benefits while enrolled as a member. Memberships Benefits are not shareable or transferable. All services and products are non-refundable.

Patients are allowed to PAUSE their memberships while pregnant / breastfeeding.

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